Plastic has been playing very important role in our social life.
There are dozens of plastic products around us, and Polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) is among them and one of the main products.
This product is widely used in the field of daily consumer’s products, durable goods, and industrial products applied to architecture, housing, agriculture, and general industry, supporting people’s lives.
When applied to our living necessities, its basic importance is high safety.
Food containers, food packaging materials, cooking utensils, and other food-related products are required to have higher safety.
Japan Hygienic PVC Association has set up the “Self specifications on food hygiene of Polyvinyl-chloride resin products” ( JHP Recommendations , 16th revision ) with wider scope of application and its related regulations (especially, rule to issue certification of confirmation), in order to promote usage of PVC.
Below is the outline of the Association:

Name: Japan Hygienic PVC Association

Address: Postal code: 104-0033     8th Floor, Rokkou-building, 1-4-1 Shinkawa, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo

Tel.: 03-5541-6901,  Fax.: 03-5543-6902

Set up in June ,1967 as Japan Hygienic PVC Association, which is composed of member companies who manufacture ingredients of PVC and finished PVC products, for the purpose of establishment of the self specifications of hygiene to supply safer  products , in line with evolution of application of PVC as plastic food container/packing since around 1965.

In June 1996, the Association revised its mission based on its past achievement in order to contribute widely to the safety of PVC products from viewpoint of food hygiene ,with continued activities up to now.

To contribute to Japanese people’s hygiene through promotion and spread of proper use of PVC resin products and additives, etc., in order to assure safety and hygiene of their products from the viewpoint of “Food Hygiene Law”.

The Association performs the following services to attain its mission.

For that purpose, the Association materializes preparation and maintenance for JHP self-specification, issuance of certificate of confirmation, arrangement of hygiene related information and announcement to its members.

- Maintenance and expansion of JHP specification
- Promotion of proper use/application of the relevant ingredients and products
- Survey and research on domestic and international Food hygiene- related laws
- Survey and research on food packing ingredients and its related hygiene
- Communications and co-operations with relevant administrations and related associations
- Communications with overseas related organizations
- Exchange of information between the Association members

The Association performs its activities as follows:

The mission of the Committee:

Planning Committee:
- Discussions on important issues to propose to the Managing Committee
- Planning and promotion of necessary counter-actions to cope with administration’s actions
- Response to the tendency of hygiene issues on Food Hygiene Law and its related laws

Technical & PL Committee:
- Promotion of necessary counter-actions related to overall technical issues, and maintenance and development/expansion of specifications

- Investigations for application of “JHP substances” and maintenance and development of the guideline/criteria of its descriptions
- Conformity of “JHP specification” with domestic and international related laws
- Collection of domestic and international information on safety related to general plastic products

Scientific Documentary Committee:
- Collection and excerpt of domestic and international related documents
- Collection and maintenance of the specifications of plastic for food application
- Edition and issuance of “ Documents for technical reference “
- Maintenance and development for better utilization of collected documents

Analytical Technology Committee:
- Establishment of test method for “ JHP Specifications”
- Establishment of test method for JHP Substances
- Establishment of analysis technique for hygiene for PVC products

Business Affair & Publicity Management Committee:
- Maintenance and operation on the rule for issuance of certificate of Confirmation, and promotion of JHP specifications
- Management and promotion of  the products  in  conformity with JHP Specifications, and investigations of actual conditions of the related hygienic products
- Transmission of information related to the activities of the Association , such as “ Association Report” or “Home Page”

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